I was in Great Britain with „Calac Sprachreisen“ three times and I was greatly satisfied. The first time I was in Weymouth. My home was in a host family who was very nice. Also it was wonderful that I and the other student were able to walk to school and that our house was near the sea. The second and third time I was in Wales for the „Intensivkurs“. It sounds a little bit like having only lessons in these two weeks but that is not true. Your free time does not suffer from the extra school lessons. Also the two trips to London were very nice. London is an amazing city, which you need to see at least once in your life. It is important to get on well with your host family due to the fact that you have to be with them for two weeks and it is pretty nice to keep contact with them after your stay. This is exactly what I do with my host family from Wales. Today they are like a second family for me. „Calac Sprachreisen“ helped me a lot for school. I am in year 12 and have English as a „Leistungskurs“. Furthermore I give some private tuition in English.